Week 7, Theme 44 – Someone Working

One day as I was driving back from west Bradenton I spotted something or someone on the side of one of the downtown buildings.  I thought to myself, “Is that Spiderman?”  But there were two people up there.  “Does Spiderman have a sidekick?”  “I don’t know.”

DSCN2520 edit 1 brdr 1As I got closer I realized it was “Someone Working.”  I said that’s one of the 52 week challenges, I need to stop and get a couple of clicks.  So I found a parking lot where I would be out of the way of traffic and not be trying to do a drive by shooting.  I decided that this job must have been a “spin-off” from Spiderman.  Certainly, he must have trained these workers.

DSCN2519 edit 2 crop 1

Let’s zoom in and see exactly what kind of equipment he uses to clean those windows.

DSCN2518 brdr 1

Looks to me like he’s got non-skid sneakers and a large double suction cup to stabilize him.  The rest of the work is done one-handed.  While observing, I never did see him take out the bottle of no smear Windex.

Here’s “Someone Working.”  Not my job.



18 thoughts on “Week 7, Theme 44 – Someone Working

  1. Must have been on Thursday, 9/4…right? I was going to Tampa w/my Mom & said “Oh I wish I could stop & take a picture of them!” I was in the wrong lane & had an appointment to get to. Glad you captured this. Awesome shots & I love your story!

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