Week 5, Theme 30 – One Step at a Time

I have chosen to answer this theme, “One Step at a Time”, with My Personal Journey.  There is no moral to this story.  I am not looking for sympathy.  I simply want to share the steps to a cure for some cancer patients.  In my case, I thank God I got pneumonia or else the early detection of my malignancy would not have occurred.

The journey started with a fun-filled extended weekend in NY; however, while up there we both caught a New York cold and brought it home with us.  Having fought it for a week and thinking that I had “kicked” it, suddenly it “kicked” me and I had to make a late night emergency visit to Manatee Memorial Hospital.

DSCN2487 brdr

I was diagnosed with pneumonia.  OK, no big deal, however, now, the rest of the story.  They also found a growth on the other lung and during my 15 day stay in the hospital it was diagnosed as malignant.

Step One:  Do a PET Scan to ensure the cancer had not spread to any other organs in my body.

GC2_9284 brdr

Step Two:  The scan was negative for any other cancer in my body, therefore a surgical cure was indicated and the surgery was scheduled to remove the cancerous lobe.

GC1_5365 edit 1 brdr

The lobe was successfully removed but unfortunately, the biopsy of one of seven lymph nodes also removed revealed a microscopic cancer cell, so My Journey, “One Step at a Time” continued.

Step Three:  Radiation Therapy 5 days a week for 7 weeks as a precautionary measure.

DSCN2480 brdr


Step Four:  Chemo Therapy once a week for 7 sessions also as a precautionary measure.  Chemo treatments are administered in a large treatment room equipped with 11 recliner chairs.  The room stays full so I was unable to get a picture of the room, however I was able to catch one of my IV pole with my chemicals hanging.

Chemo IV pole brdr

At the completion of the final chemo session, My Journey, “One Step at a time” will have reached a temporary final step and I will be considered cured and a Survivor.  There will be follow-ups in the future to ensure there is no recurral.  I hope this has been educational for you.



23 thoughts on “Week 5, Theme 30 – One Step at a Time

  1. George, thanks for sharing your experience one step at a time. The journey was long and taxing but we have you here with us today and for that I am thankful.

  2. You have been through a lot in a short period of time, George! It’s odd to be thankful for pneumonia, but I’m glad you had it when you did and they discovered your cancer early!

  3. George, I appreciate your sharing your “Story”. My wife has a similar story, but I do not want to take away from yours. I hope your health continues to be good.

    I enjoyed looking through your photos on Flicker, you do good work!

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey George. I pray for your return to health and photography. I could not imagine a world without George Case photos. Continue on through the wellness portion of your journey George!

  5. Sometimes we don’t know a blessing in disguise at first, but, thankfully your trip to the hospital was indeed the first step. A long trip but hopefully you will continue to do well. Your story was important.

  6. Thank you for sharing your journey. So glad you are on the journey to being well. may the angels bring you continued strength!

  7. While your “journey” is serious, indeed, and we are all so happy you are doing so well, I am slightly amused that you documented these steps with your camera. I am not sure I would have had the wherewithall to do that. The consummate photographer, you are!

  8. Your scare reminded me of one I had that was not cancer but life threatening. It certainly is a journey and I thank God for doctors and new medical machines to help along the way. Glad you are a survivor.

  9. Dear George – I feel I know you through this 52 week challenge as you are always so prompt with your “likes” and postings. I always enjoy checking my emails and seeing what “George” is up to this time. I had to smile when I started reading and saw you had taken a photo of the Emergency department on your way in. Your camera is ever ready! However, as I carried on reading I thought – oh no – poor George. A very brave “one step at a time” callenge for you and I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

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