Week 1, Theme 15 – Graveyard

Although this theme would be a good option for something “spooky” the week of October 29th in conjunction with Halloween, I decided to provide a little bit of Palmetto history.  When I read the list of themes for this year and I came to “Graveyard”, the first thing I thought of was the “Yellow Fever Cemetery” as this cemetery is sometimes known.  This is actually the first cemetery in Palmetto so it stands to reason that those souls lost due to the 1888 epidemic of Yellow Fever would be buried in this “Graveyard”. Although 85 people came down with the yellow fever, only 11 died from it.  Only 2 graves are actually marked that the person buried there died from the fever.

DSCN2474 edit 2

Sadly the cemetery is in a state of disrepair as can be seen by these next two photos.

DSCN2475 edit 1 DSCN2477 edit 1