Week 31 – 21. In The Clouds

Since we started this 52 week project I’ve been waiting to satisfy this theme with something like “oh, that looks like a ….” “In The Clouds”.  This wasn’t to be, so I have resorted to an earlier idea of mine and several other bloggers.  Yesterday we flew from Tampa to Long Island, NY for Barb’s 50th high school class reunion in Oceanside, NY.  The weather in Tampa was sunny with puffy clouds as seen in this cell phone shot as we taxied out to the runway.  My thoughts were that we would soon be “In The Clouds”. 20140514_105452 edit 1

As we got airborne and were passing over the Howard Frankland Bridge crossing the upper end of Tampa Bay between Tampa and St Petersburg I took another shot of the  puffy clouds we would be flying in or more correctly, over.

20140514_105909 edit 1

Our flight was uneventful and we flew above puffy clouds, but always able to see the ground 39,000 beet below us until about the half way point.  Then we crossed a frontal boundary and were flying over a sold bank of clouds.  When we started making our approach to Islip, LI, NY we had to pass through this cloud bank and we were really “In The Clouds”.

20140514_131445 edit 1


3 thoughts on “Week 31 – 21. In The Clouds

    • I’m not normally a cell phone photog either, but in a pinch and this was the opportunity. It was too difficult to get to the big gun.

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