Week 30 – 6. By Candle Light

Today I didn’t get something out of the freezer for supper, one of my duties as the “house hubbie”.  So, to make up for this major failure, I suggested that we go out to eat.  We decided to check out a recently opened neighborhood pub and eatery.  We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Bachelor Bill’s Good Time Grill in Parrish.  Archie, the manager, helped to make this an intimate dinner “By Candle Light” as seen in the picture.  Barb had a Coney Island Dog loaded with chili, cheese and onion and a side order of French fries.  I chose the Bachelor Wings (12 of them) with HOT sauce, ranch dressing for my celery and carrot sticks and a side of fries.  Both of these dinners were super portions and nicely prepared.  We thoroughly enjoyed our Intimate Dinner “By Candle Light”.



3 thoughts on “Week 30 – 6. By Candle Light

  1. It was a pleasure meeting you both! I hope you have many more romantic dinners in store at Bachelor Bill’s!

  2. Well, I am going to have to check out this Bachelor Bills. I had not heard of it. Nice to learn of new places. And it looks like you made the theme and had a good dinner as well.

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