Week 18 – 9. Foggy

I’ve been saving this theme for just the right time and it’s here.  It’s that time of the year when we see a lot of morning fog due to our weather conditions.  Additionally, I should be posting for week 27 and instead I’m 9 weeks behind.

As I said, the weather conditions are perfect for morning fog and this morning was no different.  As the sun came up I could see that it was very “Foggy” outside so I decided to take a short drive to the Fort Hamer park on the Manatee River.  When I got there the conditions were perfect for this theme and I took several “Foggy” pictures.  Here are two of them.

GC1_2665 edit 1

I’m guessing that the guy on the dock was trying to decide if it was safe enough to navigate down the river.  As you can see in the next image, you can barely make out the channel marker for leaving the boat ramp area.

GC1_2676 edit 1


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