Week 10 – 14. Here’s Your Sign

Recently we enjoyed an extended weekend visit with close friends who live upstate New York.  While we were there, photos of the changing colors was part of our agenda.  Naturally, whenever I’m out and about, I’m thinking of the various themes of our 52 week photo challenge.  As we were driving around I spotted this “Snowmobile Crossing” sign and thought that’s a sign you don’t see in Florida, so I took a picture.

GC1_1542 edit 1

The following day we were once again driving around and I spotted this New England style farm and thought it was photogenic enough to take a picture.

GC1_1567 edit 1

As I composed the picture I spotted the string of signs and decided to zoom in on them with this result.

GC1_1571 edit 1

Now we’ve got signs for Cattle Crossing, Children Playing, Ducks Xing and the last sign, though not sharp is Sheep Crossing.  I think that I have now met my response to the theme “Here’s Your Sign”.


3 thoughts on “Week 10 – 14. Here’s Your Sign

  1. Okay – you win!! I love it! These are crossing signs that we’ve never seen before, but if the farmers come to Florida, I’ll bet we can come up with some that they aren’t familiar with (Alligators, for instance)!

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